Free Form Swimming Pool With Center Fire Pit Lounge

August 2, 2016 6:05 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There are literally thousands of ideas to sift through when looking for the perfect pool to fit your lifestyle. This particular pool idea sees a free form pool with stone paving across the patio area as well as a stone path leading to the center of the pool itself.

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Within the center of the pool is a dug out built entirely of stone that matches your patio. The dugout is fitted with comfy lounges and chairs as well as a center fire pit built into the area. This style of pool is especially wonderful for those nights when you want to entertain. The pool can boast  built in lighting for a soft swimming luminescence as well as a small waterfall at the far end.

This little paradise won’t reach it’s full potential unless you add in a few well-placed dwarf trees and short flora. The greenery will offer a feeling of seclusion for your guests.

If you’re after a tropical getaway feel then this is the perfect idea for you. There are those that enjoy the idea of a midnight swim more than swimming during the heat of the day and with this pool design you can achieve this small island starlit paradise. We can help you to get the pool of your dreams. If you’re looking for an inground pool, Western New York pools can provide you with the kind of ideas and the kind of customer service that will make you smile.  Call and find out what we’ve got to offer!!